It’s Official: TV’s Chef Gordon Ramsay Is In Ocean County

Chef Gordon Ramsay (Photo credit: Erin Motus)
Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News


TOMS RIVER – Weeks of rumors circulating on social media appear to be true. Chef Gordon Ramsay is in Ocean County, Toms River to be exact, taping an episode of his popular restaurant makeover show with a local eatery as his newest challenge.

A photograph sent to Jersey Shore Online from Exit 82 Scanner News shows the world-renowned celebrity chef outside Caneda’s White Rooster restaurant on Fischer Boulevard. Another source close to Jersey Shore Online told us that there were tons of spectators in the area trying to get a glimpse of Ramsay and there were several production vehicles lining the streets outside the Cuban restaurant.

Ocean County Scanner News also posted several photos from outside the restaurant including some production vehicles. Some crew members had “Team Ramsay” shirts on.

Last week, several local media outlets including Patch ran stories that the producers of a restaurant renovation program had been seeking diners to be involved in the production of an episode. They didn’t name the show as the crew wasn’t divulging the information. Within a few hours of the news breaking, they had enough people for the episode.

Usually when a reality show of this type comes to a town, producers are careful not to spill the beans to keep things a surprise and give authenticity to the project. A few tips coming into Jersey Shore Online early Monday said that they saw several trucks in the area with New York plates and some saw TV cameras and equipment being unloaded. Often times, participants of shows like this have to sign non-disclosure agreements in addition to release forms to keep everything a surprise.

Ramsay’s popular show “24 Hours to Hell and Back” is now in its third season on FOX and is believed to be the show being taped in town. However, calls to FOX’s Los Angeles Production Office to confirm their presence in Ocean County went nowhere with a spokesperson refusing to confirm the information, citing contractual obligations.

According to the Facebook page of the White Rooster, the owner posted that changes were “coming to the restaurant” but were not more specific. Speculation of Ramsay’s presence was also tweeted by some locals on Monday.

Jeremy Grunin, who co-owns the White Rooster, told Jersey Shore Online “no comment” when asked if the story was true.

We will keep you posted on any new developments.

In the event you have photos to share or were part of the diner’s group, be sure to contact us at – we would love to hear about your experience!

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News