Pinelands Regional School District To Conduct Active Shooter Drill

Students and staff of the Pinelands Regional School District participate in a safety drill in cooperation with local law enforcement in 2014. (Photo courtesy of Pinelands Regional School District)

Both District Schools to Participate in Drills in Early 2017

LITTLE EGG HARBOR– Safety and security of the students and staff of Pinelands Regional School District (PRSD) are paramount, which is why the district will be conducting live shooter drills in January and/or February 2017.

“Fire drills and security drills are conducted under a variety of scenarios and circumstances so students and staff are familiar with procedures and are prepared for a possible live event,” said PRSD Interim Superintendent Maryann Banks, Ed.D. “We appreciate the community’s understanding and cooperation as we work together to provide a safe, secure learning environment for students and staff.”

Both Pinelands Regional Junior High School (PRJHS) and Pinelands Regional High School (PRHS) will be conducting active shooter drills. The PRJHS drill will be conducted in an age-appropriate manner, implemented with the assistance of local law enforcement. The PRHS drill will occur on a different day and will include the involvement of local law enforcement, Emergency Medical Technicians, and other emergency personnel. During the PRHS drill, Nugentown Road may be blocked off so that emergency personnel can access the high school. On the morning of the drill, parents will be notified via Blackboard Connect so they are aware all activity is related to the drill and not a live event.

After the drills, the PRSD administration will meet with local law enforcement to debrief and discuss responses, actions, and what should be done differently. New Jersey Statutes require school districts to conduct one fire drill and one security drill each month.

Parents and guardians of students will be notified of the drills via letter in January. Anyone with questions regarding the drills can contact the district at 609-296-3106.