Drivers Travel Wrong Way To Reach Great Adventure

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

  JACKSON – Driving down the wrong side of the road is never a good idea. It’s downright dangerous and when you do so on a busy highway next to a popular tourist attraction it only gets worse.

   Several drivers were spotted on video cameras moving over to the wrong lane to reach Six Flags Great Adventure on Route 537 over the weekend.

  Cars darted over a double yellow line to enter the popular theme park in Jackson cutting through oncoming traffic which could have resulted in multiple accidents. Some were seen on video driving in reverse.

  Miraculously, there were no injuries but Jackson Police are urging drivers not to take part in such irresponsible and illegal activities.

  Township police had to ask motorist to refrain from calling them to report excessive traffic as it was nothing new for that highway that connects to I-195.

  Jackson Police Captain Steven Laskiewicz told that this type of traffic snarl is nothing new unfortunately. “We’ll have cars out to deal with traffic. We had an enormous amount of traffic on Sunday for Hurricane Harbor. There was probably a backup at the ticket office.”

  “We had five officers in the area but it is difficult as there is nowhere to send the traffic. There were three minor motor vehicle accidents. They weren’t serious because no one was moving very fast,” Captain Laskiewicz said.

  The officer noted that that west bound on Route 537 is Millstone Township in Monmouth County which falls into the territory of State Police.

  “This has been a problem for years since I’ve been a patrolman. We’ve had our traffic officer and members of the road department of Ocean and Monmouth counties and State DOT (Department of Transportation) trying to find a remedy,” the captain added.