Nico & Nick: Toms River Boy’s Dream Come True Concert Experience

Photo courtesy Vanessa Lemanski

  TOMS RIVER – It was a night five-year old Nico will never forget; from the unlimited candy, to the lights and decorations, to the incredible meet and greet with his idol.

  Thanks to the kind hearts and devotion of the local community, this little boy from Toms River lived like a rock star for one night with none other than superstar Nick Jonas at the Jonas Brothers concert on Nov. 22 at the Prudential Center.

  “He is going to be talking about his first concert and meeting his idol for years to come!” said Vanessa Lemanski, Nico’s mother, who spoke to Jersey Shore Online a few hours after the concert.

  It all began when Lemanski shared a post to Facebook about her son’s dream to meet Nick Jonas. Not only is he a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but Nico shares a special connection with the youngest of the three brothers. They are both diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. 

  In no time, members of the local community shared the post far and wide, scoring Nico and his mother tickets to the Nov. 29 Jonas Brothers concert in Atlantic City. The tickets were a donation from The Chase Ryan Olsen Foundation, a local childhood cancer awareness organization.

  Lemanski posted to Facebook on Nov. 21: “Thank you to everyone who has helped Nico get this far in his endeavor. Never in our wildest dreams did we expects this. The love, support, and sense of community is heart warming!”

Photo courtesy Vanessa Lemanski

  And the surprises kept coming.

  Shortly thereafter, Lemanski got a direct call from the Jonas Brothers’ music director with great news: Nick Jonas wanted to meet Nico at their Nov. 22 concert. On Nov. 21, Wolf Flores, one of the more outspoken advocates for Nico’s case, delivered the great news to Nico at his school.

  Flores posted a live video to his Facebook page of the before and after, stating that it was the work of the local community,  the Chase Ryan Olsen Foundation, and his own Wolf’s Dream Warriors that made this happen.

  On Nov. 22, Nico and Lemanski headed up to the Prudential Center for what would later be remembered as the experience of a lifetime.

  From the moment the pair walked through the stadium doors, they were treated warmly like VIP, said Lemanski.

  “Not having any experience being backstage at a concert I don’t know what’s it’s normally like but, the Jonas Brothers setup was Nico’s dreamland,” she said. “There was a giant colorful dessert table filled with cupcakes, candy, and all sorts of goodies. A rainbow balloon arch, with silver balloon letters spelling out Jonas.”

Photo courtesy Vanessa Lemanski

  Nico wasted no time in enjoying the Skittles while waiting for his idol to come out.

  Once they passed by a movie theatre-sized screen showing a 3D crackling fire place, the atmosphere changed. Nico and Lemanski were ushered into what she recalls as a “Mariah Carey-esque” room, decked out like a white, sparkling winter wonderland. Picture twinkle lights, a white and gold Christmas tree, and Frank Sinatra playing softly in the background.

  As if this wasn’t magical enough, add Nick Jonas into the mix.

  Nick Jonas greeted Nico with a big high five and immediately got to talking about their connection, asking what kind of pump he wore and telling him he was strong and brave.

  Being the five-year old that he is, Nico couldn’t wait to find out if they were going to play one of his favorites from the hit Disney Channel movie Camp Rock, starring the Jonas Brothers.

  At this, Lemanski said, “Nick just smiled. We took some photos, hugged, and wished him a good show.”

  Nico and his mom then got set up in their first level seats to enjoy the show.

  Where one might expect an abundance of Jonas Brothers merchandise and handmade signs, Lemanski noted that there was also an incredible amount of Type 1 diabetes support to be seen in the crowd.

  “Immediately stepping into the stadium you saw the T1 love. People with Beyond T1 shirts, and find a cure signs, everyone (including Nico) in blue for Diabetes Awareness Month. I was pleasantly surprised to see the support,” she said.

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  Nico enjoyed the concert to the fullest, watching as fireworks, confetti, and laser lights lit up the stadium around him. Not only this, but it seemed Nick Jonas called in a favor, playing “Gotta Find You” from Camp Rock near Nico’s side of the stage, “giving Nico pure unimaginable bliss,” said Lemanski.

  “After rocking out and snacking on goodies, Nico was slung over my shoulder passed out for the night,” she added.

  It was indeed a night to remember, in more ways than one.

  “He is going to be talking about his first concert and meeting his idol for years to come! I’ll have something real and tangible to reference the next time T1 is getting the best of him and it would of never of been possible without the outpour of kindness, love, and support everyone showed on social media,” said Lemanski.

  Lemanski explained that having Type 1 diabetes makes you part of a family you never asked to be a part of, but a family nonetheless. She gave special thanks to community members Flores and Maureen Olsen for their kindness and support in making Nico’s dreams come true.

  “We’re family now,” she said.

  While Nico may still be reveling in the night of his life, he still has another exciting event to come. Nico and Lemanski will be attending the Jonas Brothers concert again this weekend in Atlantic City.