Local Boy Gets His Wish: A Meet & Greet With Nick Jonas

Nico (Photo courtesy Wolf Flores)

  TOMS RIVER – Once again, the local community delivered big time for one of their own.

  Five-year old Nico of Toms River will not only get to meet his idol Nick Jonas, but also attend two Jonas Brothers concerts.

  While many of us may want to meet Nick Jonas one day, Nico has a special connection to the singer/musician. He is a Type 1 diabetic and looks up to Nick Jonas, who also has diabetes.

  Thanks to Nico’s mom, word quickly got around via social media this week that Nico had a dream of meeting his idol, who will be performing in New Jersey in the coming weeks.

  Shortly after putting the word out, the family was gifted two tickets to see the Jonas Brothers for their Atlantic City Show on Nov. 29.

  Vanessa Lemanski posted to Facebook on Nov. 21: “Thank you to everyone who has helped Nico get this far in his endeavor. Never in our wildest dreams did we expects this. The love, support, and sense of community is heart warming!”

  The tickets were a donation from The Chase Ryan Olsen Foundation, a local childhood cancer awareness organization.

  And the great news didn’t stop there.

  The Jonas Brothers’ music director then reached out to Nico’s mom saying Nick Jonas wanted to meet him.

  On Nov. 21, Wolf Flores, delivered the great news to Nico at his school.

  Flores posted a live video to his Facebook page of the before and after, stating that it was the work of the local community,  the Chase Ryan Olsen Foundation, and his own Wolf’s Dream Warriors that made this happen.

  When Flores handed over the tickets, Nico was in quiet shock but soon after gave him a big thankful hug.

  Nico and his mom will be attending the Jonas Brothers concert at the Prudential Center tomorrow night in addition to next week’s in Atlantic City.

  Flores took an interest in Nico’s case and quickly became one of the more vocal supporters helping Nico reach his end goal. Flores, of Beachwood, recently managed to get his daughter, Kallista, a meeting with her idol, Gordon Ramsay, while he was filming nearby. She is undergoing treatment for B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

  It was then that Wolf’s Dream Warriors was born. According to the group: “No money is collected. We help people & families in need. We use social media to make a positive difference. Join us on our quest to clean up social media and help people.”