Support Swelling For Local Kid To Meet Nick Jonas

Nico (Courtesy Vanessa Lemanski)

  TOMS RIVER – Nick Jonas has a lot of fans who want to meet him. But one local boy has something in common with the pop star, and a grassroots movement has started to get them together.

  Nico, a 5-year-old Toms River boy, is trying to get tickets to a Jonas Brothers upcoming show. He’s a Type 1 diabetic, and looks up to Nick Jonas, who also has diabetes.

  Samaritans are sharing Nico’s story, hoping to get a connection (“I know a guy who knows a guy who works at the stadium…”) that can get Nico a moment with the pop star that inspires him to be his best in spite of his illness.

  One of the more vocal supporters is Wolf Flores, a Beachwood man who recently managed to get his daughter, Kallista, to meet her idol, Gordon Ramsay, while he was filming nearby. She is undergoing treatment for B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.