Breweries & Distilleries Could Come To Downtown Toms River

Photo by Jason Allentoff

TOMS RIVER – At a recent council meeting, an ordinance was approved that would amend the Township’s Land Use and Development Regulations to allow craft brewers and distillers to set up shop in the downtown area.

Helping to boost business, microbreweries and distilleries will bring a new aspect to the social scene and add to the downtown atmosphere.

The ordinance was approved by the council, and supported by Downtown Toms River and the Culture Committee and Planning Department. Now a part of the Business Improvement District, Brew-Pubs, which are microbreweries associated with a restaurant; Nano-Breweries, microbreweries that are 5,000 sq. feet or less; and Artisan Distilleries, craft distillery establishments that are 5,000 sq. feet or less, are now granted access to the Downtown district, officials said.

“The announcement is an example of the Business Improvement District’s dedication to providing a clean, safe, and happy Downtown for its residents and visitors to enjoy,” said Alizar Zorojew, Downtown Toms River Executive Director.

After inconsistencies were found in the land use zoning laws along Main Street in the downtown area, the downtown’s Economic Development Committee proposed an expansion of the limitations to the area. The expansion would allow for restaurants and brew-pubs to take hold in both the Village Office Zone and the Village Business zone.

These changes were made with the intent to improve, expand and diversify the Downtown district while also boosting business, according to officials.

“Working with our Culture Committee, Economic Development Committee, and the Township’s very receptive Planning Department, we have secured a wonderful opportunity to enhance the culinary and social landscape of Downtown Toms River,” said Zorojew.

Business owners interested in learning more about this unique opportunity can contact Zorojew through the Downtown Toms River contact form or by phone at 732-341-8738.