Stafford To Repave Parking Lot

The parking lot at Stafford Township’s Municipal Building will be repaved. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

STAFFORD – The municipal building’s parking lot will be repaved, with officials stating that they want to get it done now before it gets any worse.

The Township Council passed a resolution allowing business administrator James Moran to award the project to a bidder. Normally, the council does this. However, this was at the Aug. 15 meeting, and the council wasn’t scheduled to meet again until Sept. 12. They authorized him to award the contract to the lowest, reasonable bidder.

Photo by Chris Lundy

The only voice in opposition to this was Councilman Steven Jeffries, who voted against the measure because he said the town is in enough debt and doesn’t need to spend more money.

Mayor John Spodofora said that when the pavement starts to show signs of deterioration, that is when it needs to be fixed. They don’t want to wait too long.

With the drainage not being perfect, the rain pools. In the winter, this would turn to ice, creating an unsafe condition for residents and employees, he said.