Lacey Swears In New Officials For 2018

Nicholas Juliano is sworn in by Sen. Christopher Connors (R-9th). (Photo by Kimberly Bosco)

LACEY – Lacey Township held its annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 1 at the Lacey Township Municipal Building. As is done every year, new officials were selected and sworn in to positions for the new year.

To begin the meeting, Committeeman-Elect Nicholas Juliano was reappointed as a member of the committee before being officially sworn in as 2018’s mayor of Lacey by Senator Chris Connors (R-9th). Senator Connors was the special guest of the event. A former mayor of Lacey himself, Connors swore in both the mayor and the new deputy mayor, Timothy McDonald.

Former mayor, Peter Curatolo, resumed his position as a Committeeman alongside Committeemen Gary Quinn and Steven Kennis.

The newly elected mayor led the meeting and the adoption of 46 resolutions that designated specific individuals to township positions and organizations for 2018.

In his closing comments, Mayor Juliano said, “There’s been a lot of good people in this seat, I’m hoping to continue on what we do.”