Howell Updates: Township Salaries, Aldrich Dredging

Howell Township Municipal Building (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

HOWELL – At a recent Town Council meeting, the council members discussed updates on salary changes for township employees and the current stages of the Aldrich dredging project.

Amended Salary Ranges

The meeting approved two ordinances that amended and supplemented the salary ranges of certain officers and employees of the township.

One of the ordinances increased the maximum salary range for non-union positions in the township, such as tax assessor, township clerk, tax collector, and human resource administrator. The maximum salaries for these positions were increased by $1,000-$2,000 per year.

The ordinance also set specific salary ranges for part time or per diem positions in the township, such as Probationary EMT, EMT-1, EMT-2, EMT-3, Senior EMT, Advanced EMT, and Supervisor/Crew Chief EMT.

The ordinance stated, “Positions which are not assigned to a pay grade shall be compensated in the 2018 year,” with these new salaries.

Aldrich Dredging Project Underway

Officials said that the Aldrich dredging project, already four weeks into the process, is proceeding as planned.

It is to continue on for the next two months, getting the lake dredged all the way down to the original bottom, officials said.

The hope is that the lake will be much improved and will have an eight foot depth in the middle when the project is complete. Officials also noted that they would like to add a dock for public fishing to make the lake more accessible to residents.

“It will be a huge improvement when were done,” said Joseph Clark, Township Attorney.

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