Fire Breaks Out In Lacey Middle School Classroom  

Photo courtesy Cindy Chapman Nacca

LACEY – Students at Lacey Township Middle School were evacuated to the High School gym on the morning of April 24 after an isolated fire broke out in a second-floor classroom at the middle school.

The fire began while the building was unoccupied, according to a post by the Lacey Township School District. It activated the fire suppression system and was taken care of. No students or staff members were injured in the incident and the district noted that the small fire was isolated to just one part of the classroom.

“The issue now is the presence of water to be cleaned up,” the LTSD post stated.

While water clean-up continues, middle school students will not be allowed to return to the school according to the LTMS website. The schools will be having an early dismissal and students will be bussed home from the high school at 11:30 a.m.