Ivanka Trump: Tax Plan Benefits Families

Congressman Tom MacArthur, Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin and Presidential advisor Ivanka Trump speaking about taxes at Bayville Fire Company. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

BERKELEY – In a discussion of the new Republican tax plan held at the Bayville Fire Company, Ivanka Trump touted the plan as one that helps middle class families, such as a move to increase the income that one can claim while still receiving a child credit.

Of note is the expansion of child tax credits and credits for non-child dependents, such as elderly family members living with you, she said.

The last time the tax code had a significant overhaul was 31 years ago, she said. Today, there are more people in two-income households, out of necessity.

“The world is very different today, and we need a tax code that reflects that,” she said. “The credits that remain intact are the credits that help families.”