Free Coffee Day At Wawa – April 12, 2018

Courtesy Wawa

NEW JERSEY – Hey, coffee lovers! Great news!! Wawa will be marking their 54th anniversary tomorrow, Thursday, April 12th, 2018, by giving away a free cup of Joe in any size cup you want.

It’s become an annual tradition for the Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain that have popped up all over the Garden State and the Jersey Shore. One of the newest locations was the Wawa location in South Toms River.

The very first Wawa opened up back on April 16th, 1964. The company now has locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida. They plan to expand even more in the coming years.

Do you know what goes great with your FREE cup of coffee? Micromedia’s high-quality, weekly newspapers that are available in the front vestibules of every Wawa location in Ocean County. If you’re in Toms River’s Wawa, you’ll find the Toms River Times. If you’re down in Barnegat, you’ll be able to grab The Southern Ocean Times. In Howell, The Howell Times and so on and so forth.

While the coffee is only free on April 12th, our newspapers are ALWAYS FREE so grab your copy today!

Photo by Jennifer Peacock