Winter Storm Toby Tears Through Town

Photo courtesy Manchester Township Police

MANCHESTER – Winter Storm Toby has left a series of damages in its wake as it moved through our area on March 20 and 21. Manchester Township Police officials said that the excess of heavy, wet snow and winds caused numerous powerlines and tree limbs to fall, causing damage in areas of the town and leaving nearly 1,600 residents without power.

Various efforts were made by officials to mend the damages and keep residents safe during the storm.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) put together a warming station at the Ridgeway Volunteer Fire Department for those without power, where volunteers are helping residents and providing warm beverages and snacks.

Manchester police have also been assisting residents by responding to reports of dangerous or downed power lines and closing down hazardous roads, such as the 1300 block of Broadway Boulevard in Pine Lake Park. The front of this residence was torn off by downed power lines.

Police officials hope that sun and warm daytime temperatures will help to melt the snow weighing down power lines and tree limbs.

Police remind residents to practice caution around power lines and tree limbs coated with heavy snow, and to be aware of their surroundings outside, providing the following guidelines to help:

  • Avoid touching the downed power line with your hand or an object, such as a stick, broom or pole.
  • Avoid touching anything, such as a car, object or equipment, or anyone who is in contact with a fallen power line.
  • Keep children and pets away from fallen electric lines.
  • Avoid driving over a fallen power line.
  • Call the police department immediately to report a fallen power line.

If your vehicle comes in contact with a downed power line:

  • Stay inside your car. The ground around your car may be energized.
  • Sound the horn, roll down your window and call for help.
  • Warn others to stay away. Anyone who touches the equipment or ground around your car can be injured.
  • Use your mobile phone to call 911.
  • Wait until the fire department, police or JCP&L workers tell you it’s safe to get out of your car before exiting the vehicle.

Stay warm and stay safe!