Tragedy Averted When Tanker Truck Brushes By Pedestrian

Photo by Jennifer Peacock

By Jennifer Peacock and Chris Lundy

  LAKEHURST – There were no serious injuries when a tanker truck tapped a pedestrian at a Delta gas station on Route 37.

  Justin Stewart, 40, of Jackson, was getting kerosene as he does three times a week. While he was loading up, the truck started to move.

  “I was in between the gas can and the truck. The truck started moving. It got my back, and I hurt my knee when I jumped out of the way,” he said.

  A representative from the delivery company, JK Petroleum, said that they just learned about the incident and want to make sure that no one was injured. They want to get more information about it before they comment.

  Stewart told a reporter from that he was not seeking medical attention.

  Lakehurst police responded to the scene.