New Whiting Fire Truck Starts Service

A profile view of the 2018 Sutphen Chassis Custom Pumper. (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

MANCHESTER – Before the storms rolled in that brought nickel-sized hail to Ocean County, Whiting Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 Chief Rodney Sloan Jr. and Assistant Chief William Sloan got to show off the company’s new 2018 Sutphen Chassis Custom Pumper during a recent Township Council meeting.

  Council adjourned from chambers and lead the public outside the municipal building to examine the new pumper. Some children in attendance, including newly sworn-in Councilman Robert Hudak’s three kids, got to climb inside and look around.

  This pumper replaced the 1982 Mack Engine the company had, William Sloan said. It carries 1,000 gallons and can pump 2,000 gallons per minute. It boasts a light tower and spare rescue tools.

From left to right: Whiting Fire Company Assistant Chief William Sloan, Mayor Kenneth Palmer, Council members Joan Brush, Craig Wallis, Samuel Fusaro, James Vaccaro, and Robert Hudak, and Whiting Fire Company Chief Rodney Sloan Jr. pose with the new 2018 Sutphen Chassis Custom Pumper. (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

  “It’s very versatile in the things it can do,” William Sloan said.


  The company received the pumper in mid-January, but it didn’t go into service until mid-March. Since then, it’s probably been on 50 calls.

  There is a slight learning curve with the new truck, with the new technology.

  “The pump operators, everything is digital and electronic now. There’s not much manual left on it. But other than that, it’s the same tools. We still fight fire the same way,” William Sloan said.

  The township went to bond for the pumper for $668,979.

  “We want to say thank you to the Manchester Township Council and the township residents for your continued support. Chief Lisa Parker and Mayor Ken Palmer were instrumental, working hand in hand with our Chief Rodney Sloan. Sutphen Corporation and Blaze Emergency Equipment Company were amazing partners!” the fire company said via social media.

A front view of the 2018 Sutphen Chassis Custom Pumper. (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)