Manchester To Replace Mailboxes Destroyed By Plows

Photo by Jennifer Peacock

MANCHESTER – If the township destroys a resident’s mailbox while plowing snow, he or she may be eligible for $50 reimbursement.

“While there is no legal requirement that the Township do so, it is the policy of the Township of Manchester to reimburse residents up to $50 for eligible damaged mailboxes, caused by direct contact on part of the…Department of Public Works or their subcontractors,” read a statement from the township.

There are, of course, limitations to the liability.

Residents will only be reimbursed if the mailbox or its pole were hit by a plow or other snow removal equipment. And that only applies to mailboxes and poles in township owned rights-of-way, where many mailboxes are located.


The mailbox must be an approved United States Postal Service box that is properly fastened to its pole and in good condition. It has to be set eight inches from the curb line or traveled portion of the roadway and is “not located less than 40 inches above the traveled surface.”

The burden of proof lies upon the resident of the damaged or destroyed mailbox or post, and a claim must be filed within seven days to the Department of Public Works, which will then investigate the claim. The township will only reimburse the resident, and not perform any repairs or replacements.

Residents are still responsible to remove snow from sidewalks or known pedestrian walkways, and from around their mailboxes as to not impede access by the postal service. Code Enforcement can fine residents $100 for the first offense for failing to clear snow, and $200 per offense per day afterward, but not more than $1,000 total.

Basketball hoops and related equipment must be 10 feet away from the edge of township-owned roads. The township does not provide compensation for damaged equipment.