Toms River Students Dip Into Virtual Reality

Students used virtual reality to enhance science and technology lessons. (Photo courtesy zSpace)

TOMS RIVER – A virtual reality mobile classroom paid a visit to Cedar Grove Elementary School.

The classroom was part of a mobile classroom tour by a company called zSpace, which promises students opportunities to dissect organs or explore the inside of volcanoes through virtual reality. The students can learn by doing, without the fear of making serious mistakes since it’s only in a computer.

Cedar Grove students, as well as those from the High School East STEAM Academy, took part in the process. Students worked collaboratively with other students and their instructors. Using a stylus and tracking glasses, the students could manipulate virtual objects and learn about them in real time.

Photo courtesy Toms River Schools

“Augmented and virtual reality are rapidly growing as alternative ways to learn and explore for students,” said Tiffany Lucey, the district’s supervisor of educational technology. “From a technology standpoint, we’re always looking for ways students can take a peek into the future and what that might be like. Immersive technologies like zSpace offer students a chance to see what’s possible and improve on it as they grow as future learners and leaders. This empowerment accompanied by experiences with the tools and materials they will likely encounter helps prepare them future careers.”