Manchester To Receive New Emergency Generators

Manchester Town Hall (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

MANCHESTER – At a recent council meeting, officials passed an ordinance that would allow for the advertisement and bidding of emergency generators for the township.

According to Council President Craig Wallis, emergency generators were purchased after Superstorm Sandy left numerous buildings without power for four to five days following the storm. He noted that the Manchester Township Police have been upgraded with a generator in the station and that this ordinance will just be continuing the process of upgrading the township’s resources elsewhere.

The emergency generators have not been purchased yet. This ordinance merely allows for the township to advertise for companies to submit bids to the township for providing the emergency generators.

Wallis also mentioned that on the Jan. 8 meeting of the Planning Board, permanent generators for the Silverwoods community were discussed.


He noted that there is a state law that will now require all senior communities to install emergency generators in their facilities by December of 2019.