Manchester Enacts Eastern Service Area Water Restrictions

Garden hose. (File photo)
Garden hose. (File photo)

MANCHESTER – The township has placed water restrictions on eastern service area water customers, starting July 24.

The eastern service area covers those living along Route 37 and portions east of the highway.

“During summer months, customer demands for water increase dramatically due to lawn irrigation. Over the last few days, customer demands rose to record levels. Reducing water use during peak periods is essential to our provision of an uninterrupted supply of water, particularly in emergencies, such as fires,” Mayor Kenneth Palmer said.

Lawn and landscaping water restrictions—anything that involves watering or irrigating shrubbery, trees, lawns, grass, ground covers, plants, vines, gardens, vegetables, flowers, etc.—will be in effect until further notice.

Residents with odd-numbered street addresses may only water on odd calendar dates, except for the 31st of the month, which is prohibited.

Residents with even-numbered street addresses may only water on even calendar dates.

Watering of any kind is prohibited from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Water of a single area can’t exceed 30 minutes in a day.

The restrictions apply to residential and commercial properties that use the eastern service area water.

Exceptions include: public parks, public recreation areas and nurseries; water for hanging plants; newly seeded or sodded lawn areas for up to 30 days after initial seeding or sodding, “provided there is a small sign visible from the street in the front yard indicating ‘new seed’ or ‘new sod’ and the date of installation,” township officials said.

Restrictions don’t apply to any properties served by another water utility company or that use their own private wells. Private wells must be visibly marked as such.

Violators are subject to fines.

The township is also asking residents to use self-closing nozzles on hoses, use a broom rather than a hose to clean sidewalks, run washing machines and dishwashers only when full, and turn off faucets when not in use. Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation to water trees, gardens and flower beds.