Lakehurst Elementary Mold Issue: Update

Photo by Chris Lundy

LAKEHURST – School district officials met with a mold remediation team to go over the next steps to getting the school building ready and safe for students and staff to start the school year.

A message was posted to the Lakehurst School District web site Thursday night with the update.

“[The] administration met with TTI Environmentalists this morning to determine necessary steps. TTI professionals will conduct testing in order to characterize the building and create an action plan,” Superintendent Loren Fuhring said. “We anticipate this information will be available by the end of the weekend and will provide those updates to families and the community as soon as we are in receipt of the reports.”

Mold has closed Lakehurst Elementary School until further notice.

The announcement was posted to the Lakehurst Elementary School’s website.

“…mold was identified within the school building. We have taken all necessary steps and have a meeting scheduled with environmental specialists tomorrow to determine the action plan,” Lakehurst School Superintendent Loren Fuhring said.

While the school is closed, the Board of Education office is open for new and transfer student registrations.