Lakehurst Borough Hall Remodeled

Lakehurst Borough Hall (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

LAKEHURST – Borough Hall got a makeover.

Built in 1913, the Borough Hall that sits on Union Avenue was the original town hall…for Manchester. The land was purchased from money received from the sale of a farm, and contract for the building’s construction was awarded to LeRoy H. Richmond of Lakewood for $3,586. When Lakehurst was incorporated in 1921, the building became the borough’s government center.

It was unclear how much work has been done to the building over the years, but some inside work was recently completed. Borough clerk Bernadette Dugan said the last time the building was renovated was 1977.

The Lakehurst Borough Hall has been updated. (Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

Indeed, the front office had wood paneling and some kind of railing across the ceiling that reminded one office worker of a saloon.


“The new paint has brightened the office considerably,” Dugan wrote in an email.

Now, the front office has an airy baby blue hue on its walls, and white case molding around its ceilings.

Dave Winton, the borough’s public works department head, said that the renovations took two weeks and didn’t interrupt borough business. The work done cost nearly double what the original 1913 construction cost was, coming in at $6,700.

The money came from the borough’s municipal budget.

During the recent renovations, public works put in new sheet rock, painted, installed new carpet and light fixtures, and installed case molding and added a ductless air conditioner. Contractors installed the air conditioner.

The work was mainly aesthetic, both Dugan and Winton said.

There aren’t any immediate plans for any more work on Borough Hall.