JCP&L Asks For Tariff Increase

The Manchester Township Council discusses electric bills at their most recent meeting. (Photo by Sara Grillo)

MANCHESTER – There could be a slight increase in residents’ electric bills, due to Jersey Central Power & Light asking for a transmission tariff increase of three tenths of one cent.

Council President Samuel Fusaro explained that there is a clause in the contract of the energy aggregation program that states the only thing the bidder can change price wise is if the federal or state government changes the tariff on electric.

JCP&L has stated that the increase will only be about $8 for the average household. Once it is a tariff, it would go to all the third party vendors, including TriEagle Energy, which supplies electric through Manchester’s energy aggregation program.

“This is the first time in probably a decade that JCP&L is asking for transmission tariff increase, so they’re probably going to get it,” noted Fusaro.

He said that residents can only be billed once the tariff is approved for everybody, but that TriEagle is already being charged the three tenths of a cent.

TriEagle should still be honoring the opt-in for the energy aggregation program, so if any residents are finding that the company is dragging their feet with the process, they are advised to let council know so they can expedite things.