Detox Zoning Ordinance Held Off In Lakehurst

Photo by Micromedia Publications

LAKEHURST – The ordinance that would have made way for a detox center in the borough will be tabled until next year, officials said.

Councilwoman Patricia Hodges said the ad hoc ordinance committee met the last week of August and decided that all borough ordinances – including land use and zoning ordinances – need a comprehensive review. That will likely begin in January.

The ordinance may never come to the table, she said.

She had asked that the land use ordinance introduced for first reading in August be tabled, because it had not been reviewed by that committee. She, Council President Steven Oglesby and Mayor Harry Robbins comprise that committee.

Hodges still didn’t have an answer as to who drafted that ordinance, and included it on the Aug. 16 council agenda.

Social media chatter was active saying that the La Bove Grande Restaurant would be sold and used for the site. At this point, this is just a rumor. (Photo by Jason Allentoff)

The ordinance would have allowed a detox facility to be built on a parcel of land at least 2 acres large. La Bove Grande, at the westernmost traffic circle in the borough, sits on more than 2 acres. One banquet hall owner, Jerry Bove, would not offer a definitive answer when reached by phone by The Manchester Times Aug. 21.

He did say La Bove Grand will remain in business “for a long time.”