Rare Tiger Litter Born At Six Flags, Increasing Population By 1%

Photo courtesy Six Flags

  JACKSON – Back in May, Siberian tiger Nadya at the Six Flags Wild Safari gave birth to an extremely rare litter of five cubs.

  What makes this litter so rare is that most tigers give birth around two to four cubs. This uncommon birth is very significant due to them being an endangered species, with the litter being equivalent to 1% of the world’s wild Siberian tiger population.

  During the cubs’ first health checkup at three weeks old, the Six Flags Veterinary Team said one female cub weighed only 2.5 pounds, which is the typical birthweight. The other cubs, three girls and one boy, were at a healthy weight of 6 pounds.

  The tiniest cub was brought into the clinic where she remained in an incubator and received around-the-clock bottle feedings.


  “Without human intervention, she would not have survived,” said Six Flags Veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer, who also noted the grim survival rate of wild tigers at 50%.

  The critically endangered species have an estimated wild population of only 500 due to poaching, hunting and habitat loss.

  Siberian tigers, also known as Amur tigers, are the largest cats in the world averaging 11 feet long with a three-foot tail and bear a bold orange and black coat with a unique stripe pattern.

  “Nadya’s cubs help ensure the survival of this precious species for at least two more decades,” Keiffer said. “At Six Flags, we aim to teach our guests about conservation, and we hope it inspires them to help preserve these and other amazing animals here on Earth.”

  Guests can see Nadya and four of her cubs in the safari’s Tigris Asiana section of the Drive-Thru Adventure in the coming weeks. The littlest cub will remain in the veterinary clinic for the next few months.

Photo courtesy Six Flags

  The Wild Safari offers additional unique experiences to see Nadya and her cubs:

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