Jackson Adds Three Officers To The Force

The Mayor and Council of Jackson Township joins Police Chief Matthew Kunz and three new police officers who recently took their oath of office during a Township Council meeting held at the Jackson Municipal Complex. (Photo courtesy Jackson Police)

  JACKSON – Three more men in blue were sworn in to the Township Police Department during a recent Jackson Township Council meeting.

  Jackson Police Captain Steven Leskiewicz, in the absence of Police Chief Matthew Kunz introduced each officer and read a brief history of their prior service.

  “I’d like to thank the town council and the mayor for their commitment to growing the department to meet the town’s needs and the calls for service that we deal with. Thank you very much for your support,” he added.

  Township Clerk Janice Kisty administered the oath of office the new members of the department.

  The first officer sworn in was Zachary Schwartz, a lifelong Jackson resident who graduated from Jackson Liberty High School. He earned degrees from Ocean County College and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 

  Schwartz graduated from the Ocean County Police Academy Special Law Enforcement Officer Class (SLEO) and most recently was employed by the Seaside Heights Police Department as a Class 2 Special Law Enforcement Officer. 

  After required agency in service training, the new officer will be attending abbreviated training to receive his full police certification and then starting in the field training program with a Field Training Officer. Upon successful completion of the FTO program, he will be assigned to a patrol squad.

  The second officer to be sworn in was Tyler Melnick. He was hired as a Class 2 Special Law Enforcement Officer. He is another lifelong Jackson resident who graduated from Jackson Liberty High School and earned a degree from Stockton University. 

  Melnick graduated from the Monmouth County Police Academy SLEO Class and was employed by the Asbury Park Police Department as a Class 1 and most recently as a Class 2 Special Law Enforcement Officer. 

  David DeJesus was the third officer and another lifelong Jackson resident to be sworn in during the evening. He was hired as a Class 2 Special Law Enforcement Officer. 

  DeJesus graduated from Jackson Memorial High School and is currently attending Kean University working toward a degree. He graduated from the Ocean County Police Academy SLEO Class and has been employed by the Point Pleasant Beach Police Department and most recently the Lambertville Police Department, as a Class 2 Special Law Enforcement Officer.

  Officers Melnick and DeJesus will be attending required agency in service training after which time they will be assigned to a Field Training Officer for training. Once they successfully complete that training, they will be assigned to assist with duties such as court security, traffic details and enforcement.

  Following the swearing in ceremony, Mayor Michael Reina, Council President Andrew Kern and each member of the governing body welcomed the new officers to their new roles in the township police department.

  The council president commended the officers for the daily risks and challenges they face each day to keep Jackson residents safe. He added that the township’s growing police department faced some unique situations during the last year that they handled with grace and professionalism.

  “In the past two years we’ve witnessed a number of new hires and promotions within the police department at the beginning of council meetings. After they and their families have all left, I’ve said wonderful things about the men and women who make up our police department to a half empty room and not just because of the governor’s shut down,” Kern said.

  “Tonight, I get to speak before you leave. I want to thank each and every one of our police department for all that you do to keep us safe and to help us in our worst hour. This council has stated over and over that our police department is second to none in the state of New Jersey. Our officers are dedicated to our community and care about the residents of our town,” he added.

  Kern added, “in just this past year there have been a number of incidents that were handled with unparalleled professionalism resulting in resolutions to situations that could have easily gone very bad. More importantly, I’d like to thank your families for allowing you to leave your homes so you can come out and protect ours.”