First Responders Help Deliver Baby

Photo courtesy Plumsted Township Fire District #1

  PLUMSTED – Plumsted firefighters were recently reunited with a mother and baby they helped through an at-home delivery.

  On June 16 at around 7:45 a.m., Plumsted Township Fire personnel and EMTs Aaron Mazeall and Jesse Kolb responded to a residence in North Hanover Township for a maternity call. The patient was in active labor, expecting to deliver at any moment.

  Once on the scene, Mazeall and Kolb met with Jacobstown Fire Company Deputy Chief Robert Gancarz and EMT Harry Zielinski who were already tending to the patient. Working together, the first responders helped bring Baby Skyler into the world not 15 minutes later.

  Once the mother and baby were assessed to be in good condition, Plumsted EMS transported them to Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly for further care.

Photo courtesy Plumsted Township Fire District #1

  On August 12, the heroic Plumsted FF and EMTs were reunited with the mother, Samantha Katcher, Baby Skyler, and family at the Jacobstown Firehouse where they were bestowed with a pink stork pin.

  “The stork pin is a small token of appreciation and remembrance of such a memorable event, given out in the Emergency Services. Childbirth rarely occurs in the EMS field, so this call remains quite significant in everyone’s mind. It’s also a reminder of the events that can occur and require personnel to be knowledgeable and quick reacting to whatever comes their way,” stated a post from the Plumsted Fire District.

  The reunion was arranged by Deputy Chief Robert Gancarz, who also had a hand in the heroic delivery.

Photo courtesy Plumsted Township Fire District #1