Employees Recognized At Bartley Healthcare

Photo courtesy Bartley Healthcare

  JACKSON – In May, Bartley Healthcare awarded several of its employees at its Annual Employee Recognition Ceremony for all their hard work, especially during the pandemic.

  Their ceremony consisted of awarding manager of the year as well as bronze, silver and gold awards. The company selected employees from both the Orchards Assisted Living and Bartley Healthcare Nursing and Rehab.

  At Bartley, bronze was received by Karina Ardito, silver by Kathleen DiMaggio and gold by Ileana Ponce. At the Orchards, bronze was received by Josh Destories, silver by Michele Murphy and gold by Florence Layton.

  This year, the company named two mangers for its manager of the year award.

Staff exceeded expectations during a difficult year. (Photo courtesy Bartley Healthcare)

  “This award is traditionally for one manager across the entire campus, but this year we felt the managers in both the Orchards and Bartley were deserving of this award,” the company said in a statement.

  They congratulated Luis Espinosa from the Orchards and Julius Juanima from Bartley for their dedication and stepping up this past year to make sure the building was clean and met all infection control requirements. Both Luis and Julius are the managers of the housekeeping department for their respected buildings.

  “Without their vigilance and hard work, we would not be where we are today, and we are thankful for them both.”