Howell Council Supports Solar Panel Installation Project

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HOWELL – At the March 6 meeting of the Township Council, a resolution was adopted to support the installation of a solar collection facility at the former Waste Disposal Inc. landfill site on Lakewood-Allenwood Road in Howell.

The resolution was passed unanimously by members of the council, excluding Councilwoman Pauline Smith; she was not present at the meeting.

The resolution stated that Howell pays an excess of $100,000 a year for groundwater pumping rates and treatment expenses associated with closing the Waste Disposal Inc. landfill site.

The resolution is simply affirming the council’s support of Monmouth County’s plan to install solar panels at this location.

The resolution also stated that the project could create significant revenue for the township and create more jobs for the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance associated with the project. The revenue generated could help to offset the costs associated with pumping and treatment at the site, thus saving the taxpayers money.

“The Township Council of the Township of Howell hereby declares its support for the county’s solar collection project at the WDI Landfill site and urges the county to take all necessary steps to quickly and expediently finalize plans and construct the project,” it stated in the resolution.