Flex Space Facility To Be Built On Randolph Rd.

Photo courtesy Zillow

HOWELL – Howell residents can expect to see the construction of a flex space facility at 41 Randolph Road following recent approval from the township’s planning board.

Owner 41 Randolph, LLC presented at the recent planning board meeting their application for preliminary and final site plan approval for the flex space facility, which typically refers to industrial or office space.

The building will consist of five tenant units ranging in size from 9,946 square feet to 29,687 square feet, according to the planning board. Located at Block 38, Lot 4 the space will fit associated office areas, employee break rooms and loading areas on the site.

The original application for this project dates back to Feb. 16, 2017. The application was carried to numerous meetings until Nov. 2, 2017, when the video and audio were corrupted and the applicants were required to restart the hearing process from the beginning, according to the planning board.

During the meeting, Patrick Ward of InSite Engineering discussed how the owners have addressed concerns brought up with the application in previous meetings. After various meetings with the Ramtown Fire Company, the owners made a change to the blueprints of the site, removing 30 feet from the front of the property to meet ordinance requirements.

The application was approved unanimously by eligible members of the planning board on Sept. 6.