Pinelands Commission Seeks Comment On Pipeline

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OCEAN COUNTY – The Pinelands Commission will hold a special meeting for the public to comment on whether the South Jersey Gas pipeline project complies with the rules that protect the Pinelands.

  The commission argues that it does not – in fact the Commission already voted on this project in 2014 and failed to approve it.

In November, NJ Courts ruled that the Executive Director of the Pinelands Commission did not have the authority to rule that the project was compliant with Pinelands rules. The Courts sent the SJ Gas pipeline project application back the full 15-member governing board for a vote and a public hearing.

Comments may be sent via the following:

Mail comments to New Jersey Pinelands Commission, P.O. Box 359, New Lisbon, NJ 08064.

Email comments to

Or submit comments directly through Commission’s website at

From the Commission’s website: The comment period will close on January 24, and written comments will be accepted until 5 p.m. on that date. Following the close of the public comment period, the Commission staff will prepare a subsequent recommendation as to the continued validity of its prior consistency determination. A copy of this recommendation will be posted on the Commission’s website prior to the date of the Commission meeting at which the Commission will consider same.”

For more information, contact the Pinelands Preservation Alliance at 609-859-8860 or by email at