Traffic Still Crawling As Construction Continues

Photo by Jason Allentoff

  TOMS RIVER – Anyone heading east on Route 37 near the Holiday City entrances will surely notice the traffic.

  Between Bimini and Mule roads, three lanes become two, and then one, before finally opening back up to three and letting vehicles speed up again. The traffic on that short strip of roadway is so dense that it can take a half hour to go through.

  Underneath the road is where the problem lies. There are many different cables there, said David Weissmann, public relations manager for Verizon.

  And it might serve as déjà vu, since the same area was the spot of work last year, too.

Photo by Jason Allentoff

  “There have been several unrelated issues over the last year that required emergency maintenance,” he said. However, the work being done this week is different.


  Initially, Verizon said the construction would end Wednesday.

 “Whenever possible, we are committed to completing work overnight to minimize traffic disruption at this site,” he said.

  Motorists should plan for delays or find an alternate route.