Toms River Splitting With Silverton EMS

Photo courtesy Silverton EMS

TOMS RIVER – A wedge has been driven between the township administration and Silverton EMS, resulting in the mayor telling residents in that area of town that their official first aid squad will change in 2019.

A letter was sent to Silverton residents from the mayor’s office stating that while Silverton EMS provided “dedicated, competent service,” a financial situation has resulted in the change.

The town had a deal with the volunteer first aid squads that, when they billed patients’ insurance companies, they would split it 50/50 with the township, Mayor Thomas Kelaher said. This money would make up for the fuel, supplies, and maintenance that the township was providing.

However, Kelaher asserts that Silverton EMS is paying its staff, is no longer volunteer, and is not providing their share to the township.

“The township is in the position of financing a private business,” he said. He noted that private first aid squads could take legal issue with this.

The president of Silverton First Aid, Kevin Geoghegan, also used to be a Township Councilman.

“This is all the mayor’s doing – not the council,” he said. Both Kelaher and Geoghegan are Republicans.

“This is just driven by money and greed and nothing further,” he said. He added that he and his brother will be putting together a press release to address the town’s claims in greater detail. Brian Geoghegan is a commissioner with the squad and is also the township manager of Howell.