Police Respond To Home Of JWoww Of The ‘Jersey Shore’

The Jersey Shore Cast was inside Barnegat's Burger King filming a commercial. (Photo courtesy of Press Communications, B98.5 Radio)

TOMS RIVER – Some members of the Jersey Shore cast continue to make waves, even off the air.

Toms River Police paid a visit to the home of Jenni Farley, also known as “JWoww,” over the weekend when a dispute erupted between her and estranged husband Roger Mathews, police reported.

Police responded to Farley’s home at approximately 1 a.m. for a “civil matter.” Matthews was served with a temporary restraining order following the dispute, according to police.

The couple later took to social media to state their sides of the dispute.

A post to Farley’s Instagram stated that she involved the police for the “best interest” of herself and her children.

“Certain events transpired last night which led Jenni to involve the authorities, and the best interests of her children, to do so,” the post read. She was unwilling to comment further on the matter.

Matthews disagreed with Farley’s side of the story in an Instagram post, stating that she was the one to put their children in harm’s way.

“All I wanted was to stay together as a family and work on our issues and fight the good fight for greater good. I tried. I left everything I had on the table. Everything. In the end I must respect that’s not what the other side wanted but to use children as pawns is about the most disposable act a person can possibly do. This was never my wish nor my intent. My heart breaks for my children,” read the post.

The couple filed for a divorce back in September due to irreconcilable differences.