Pedestrian Killed In Accident On Fischer Boulevard

(Photo courtesy of PoliceCarFreak609 on Flickr)

TOMS RIVER – Police continue to look into an accident that occurred at the intersection of Fischer Boulevard and Fairview Drive, where a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle and killed.

On Dec. 12, 37-year old Richard Bococinski of Fairview Drive was hit by 47-year old Michael Ferone of Shenandoah Boulevard as Ferone was driving north on Fischer Boulevard in a 2003 Mercury. Police came upon Bococinski in the street, injured after the accident. According to Ferone, Bococinski stepped into the street, leaving him with no time to swerve or avoid hitting him.

Bococinski was later taken to a local hospital where his injuries eventually resulted in death.

The accident is still being investigating by Traffic Officer Mark Nater and Ocean County Prosecutors Office Detective Brad Frank.