Incumbents Win Toms River Primary

(Photo by Micromedia Publications)

TOMS RIVER – Incumbent Township Council members won their primary campaigns to represent the Republican party in November against a slate of Democrat challengers.

  • Ward 1: Republican Maria Maruca won 920 votes, Justin Lamb won 550 votes, and Chris Grimes won 82. Democrat Anthony Colucci won 525 votes. There were 6 write-ins for Democrats.
  • Ward 2: Republican Kevin Geoghegan won 978 votes. There were 8 write-ins for Republicans. Democrat Daniel Rodrick won 560 votes.
  • Ward 3: Republican Jeffrey Carr won 608 votes. There was 1 Republican write-in. Democrat Laurie Huryk won 499 votes, over Wendell Ferandos, who won 84.
  • Ward 4: Republican Alfonso Manforti won 714 votes. Democrat Terrance Turnbach won 488 votes. There were 2 write-ins for Democrats.

These figures come from Ocean County. They are unofficial figures until they are certified.