Huddy Park Readies For Spring Reopening

More details of the renovated Huddy Park came into view as the town prepares for a spring reopening. (Photo by Catherine Galioto)

TOMS RIVER – Though the ceremony to rededicate Huddy Park as part of the township’s 250th anniversary will come in June, many of the newest upgrades are visible behind the closed park’s chain link fence and ready for a spring reopening.

(Photo by Catherine Galioto)

The silhouettes of colonial soldiers have begun to peek out from their perch guarding the new entrance to Huddy Park, the township’s first park, and the downtown landmark that has featured a replica Block House along the riverfront.

Officials said Huddy Park will reopen this spring – for downtown events, weddings, and as requests to use the park come in to the Recreation Director.

The formal rededication will be on the Township’s birthday, June 24..

(Photo by Catherine Galioto)

The new signage and archway were designed by Toms River Regional students as part of the park’s renovation. The total project also installed new bulkheads around the riverbanks and provided new walkways and landscaping.

While the area saw damage due to Superstorm Sandy’s surge and years of wear and tear, the $1 million project is timed with the 250th anniversary of Toms River. The last time the park was renovated was for the 225th anniversary.

In August, work on the new bulkheads began. This week, crews continued with work on new lighting along the installed walkways. The park has been closed since last summer’s groundbreaking.