Two Alleged Grinches Steal Credit Card, Go On Spree

Photo courtesy Stafford Police

STAFFORD – Authorities are looking for a pair of Grinches accused of stealing a credit card and running up a hefty tab during the final stretch of the holiday shopping season.

Stafford Township Police said the bandits, a man and a woman, allegedly stole the charge card on Sunday from the Target store. Minutes later, they went to Best Buy and spent $2,900 on the card.

After making their purchases, the pair returned to Target, at which time they attempted to make another purchase in the amount of $500, but were unsuccessful when the card declined.

Police said the suspects left the area in a light colored sedan, parked by Cook Road.

Police urge anyone with information on their whereabouts or if anyone can positively identify them, to contact Patrolman Luna, at 609-597-1000 ext. 8464, or via e-mail at