Town: Recycling Saves Money, If Done Right

(Photo by Jason Allentoff)

  STAFFORD – When in doubt, throw it out.

  That’s the message township recycling officials have for Stafford residents when it comes to what they can put out for recycling.

  Recycling employees spend at least an hour on pickup days pulling items that can’t be taken to the Ocean County Landfill out of recycling trucks, Public Works Supervisor George Yockachonis said at the sparsely-attended Feb. 11 Township Council meeting.

  Tipping fees at the landfill now run $81 a ton, a $5 increase since Jan. 1. Being careful with what is put on recycling trucks saves the township and ultimately the taxpayers money, Recycling Coordinator Robert W. Zeitler said.

  “We just want to make sure everybody does it correctly,” Zeitler said.

  So that means no hypodermic needles, no microwaves and no toilet seats, which believe it or not, have shown up in recycling cans.

  “All these things are recyclable, just not here,” he added.

  Don’t even think about putting out those items or kitchen cabinets, carpeting and padding, dirt, rock, stone, tile, soil, grass clippings, boats (cut up or otherwise) construction debris and propane tanks are also forbidden, according to the township website.

  No leaves will be accepted unless it’s spring or fall.

  “We do leaves in the spring or fall,” Zeitler said. “After that, you’re on your own.”

   Residents who aren’t sure what can go in their recycling cans can go to the township website at

  The Township Council approved Zeitler’s resignation in a resolution during the caucus section of the meeting.

  In other business, council members unanimously adopted an ordinance that focuses on the moving of buildings within the township. No residents spoke on the ordinance during the public comment portion of the meeting.

  The cost of the fee application permit to move a building is $1,000. A “standby” fee of $2,500 must also be paid to the Stafford Township Volunteer Fire Company and another $2,500 standby fee must be paid to the Stafford Township EMS Department, according to the newly-adopted ordinance.