Police Probe Car Thefts In Southern Ocean County

  STAFFORD – Stafford Police are urging residents to take extra precautions and conceal personal items inside their vehicles following two separate car burglary incidents that took place between 6 and 8 a.m. on Feb. 4.

  Police responded to Tilton Fitness on Route 9 and Retro Fitness on East Bay Ave on Feb. 4 on reports of vehicle burglaries at both gym locations. At Tilton Fitness, the victim returned to her vehicle to a smashed rear window and stolen purse, police stated. Following this incident, police received a report of a smashed rear window and stolen purse from a vehicle at the Retro Fitness.

  Both incidents demonstrated similarities: both purses were taken from the back seat of the vehicle and the passenger side rear window was broken.      

  “As our recent social media crime prevention tips have warned, incidents like these have been on the rise throughout our area of the state. Residents are urged to conceal personal items out of plain sight,” stated police officials.

  Store any personal items or valuables under seats or in compartments, or conceal them wioth clothing or blankets, police advise.

  “Best practices are to remove them entirely and lock them in lockers at health clubs and fitness facilities,” they added.

  Anyone with information on these incidents should contact Officer Russ Dunfee at rdunfee@staffordpolice.org or 609-597-1189 ext. 8444.