Police, Hospital Practice Active Shooter Responses

CEO Regina Foley, center, with Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer, back left, and Stafford Township Police Chief Thomas Dellane, back right, along with the Stafford Township Police Department. (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police)

STAFFORD – Stafford Township Police, along with members of the Southern Ocean County SWAT team and Southern Ocean Medical Center staff, conducted an active shooter drill 8 a.m. to noon Dec. 5.

The group ran through a different scenario in 30-minute intervals, completing eight scenarios in all, in the hospital’s “Fast Track” area.

The drills helped medical center staff practice their “run, hide, fight” policy in active shooter situations.

“The drill highlighted the great working relationship and cooperation between the Stafford Township Police Department and the Southern Ocean Medical Center, which has been forged over many years by conducting these types of drills. The Stafford Township Police Department would like to thank the Southern Ocean Medical Center’s CEO Regina Foley and the Security and Emergency Preparedness Manager Pat Gildner for their efforts in making this drill possible and for its success,” Stafford Lt. James Vaughn said.

“The Stafford Township Police Department would like to thank Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer for attending the drill with other members of his staff, and for their support,” Vaughn added.