Lacey School District Superintendent Retires

Craig Wigley (Courtesy Lacey School District)

LACEY – Lacey Township School District Superintendent Craig Wigley recently announced his retirement, according to an email he addressed to the Lacey students, staff, and community on May 22.

In the email, Wigley remarked that he announced his retirement to the Board of Education on the evening of May 21.

“Although this is a personal decision, I will share that due to recent health challenges, my family’s well-being, and the recent loss of several close friends long before their years, I have been advised it is time to step away,” stated Wigley in the email.

Aside from Wigley’s cited “health challenges” and personal issues, he does not give further reason for his departure in the email. Wigley was not willing to comment further to Jersey Shore Online.

In the email, he thanked the Board and assured the district that his position would be replaced by “an outstanding candidate to carry on the good work of the district.”

Wigley remarked that he believes the district to be in a better place now that it was when we stepped on board back in July of 2016.

“Please be supportive of the Board of Education during the process of hiring the best candidate possible for this important leadership role. I thank all of you for your support and understanding as this decision has been the most difficult one of my life,” concluded Wigley.