Couple Caught Having Sex Outside Seaside Church

Photo courtesy Google

SEASIDE HEIGHTS – If you are planning to have sex out in public, here are two rules to keep in mind:

#1 – don’t do it near a church
And #2 – don’t do it right next door to the police station!

Two homeless people violated both when they opted to express their feelings for one another – physically – in Seaside Heights in broad daylight on Tuesday afternoon.

The call came into police at around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22nd after a priest spotted the couple. It was originally heard by Jersey Shore Online thanks to the Facebook page, Ocean County Scanner News.

On the audio, the dispatcher had to be as blunt as possible without sugar coating. Her response was “two people making love.”

Seaside Heights Police didn’t have a long walk to see the action as the police station is located directly next door.

Police say 43-year-old Anthony Getchius of Newark and 48-year-old Noelle Smart of Jersey City were both charged with lewdness and taken to the Ocean County Jail.

The incident happened outside the Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Grant Avenue in a garden between the church and rectory.

According to Detective Steve Korman, who confirmed details in an e-mail to Jersey Shore Online, both were intoxicated and were also charged with disorderly conduct, disrobing in public and public intoxication.

Also, just a reminder, having sex in public is illegal.