Lacey Offers Logo Contest For 150th Anniversary

Members of the Lacey 150th Anniversary Committee were promoting its logo/artwork contest that is being held this month with a deadline of October 23, during the Lacey Farmers Market. (Photo courtesy Lacey 150th Anniversary Committee)

  LACEY – The township is looking ahead to celebrate its “sesquicentennial” 150th anniversary in 2021.

  An ambitious plan of events is being scheduled for each month of 2021 but the yearlong celebration honoring Lacey’s milestone birthday has a starting point that involves a logo design contest.

  The art contest is eligible to those students who reside in the township and are in kindergarten through 6th grade. They can submit a piece of art to be used for the celebration. Their artwork must be submitted on the paper of the application and must include the anniversary slogan of “Lacey Life: Live It- Love It-Be Part Of It.”

  “Your art should represent why you love Lacey Township,” Lacey 150th Anniversary Committee Chairwoman Katie Clayton said.

  She added that the logo will be used on all types of products from commemorative flags, coins, mugs, shirts and other items. It should also look good whether it is blown up big or shrunk down small and encompass the 150th anniversary and celebration of Lacey Township.

  Any student that has their artwork/logo chosen will be awarded with prizes such as local gift cards to local businesses. By submitting your art work you agree that the Lacey 150 Celebration Committee can use your artwork/logo in promotional activities and the artwork/logo becomes the property of the Lacey 150 Celebration Committee.

  All artwork/logo submissions are due in by October 23. The Lacey 150 Celebration Committee will be reviewing all submissions and selecting successful logos and artwork by November 1. The winners will be notified after November 1. Artwork can be dropped off to the Lacey Township Recreation Department Office at 818 W. Lacey Road on the corner of R. Kennedy Boulevard and Veterans Way, directly behind the Police Department.

  “Who doesn’t love town events? I’m thinking the more people hear about our forthcoming events and that it won’t be the same ole’ same ole’ – they will get excited and want to be a part of it,” Clayton said.

  “It has been quite a year,” Clayton said of 2020, noting that people are looking to have some fun. “That works in our favor too. People want to get out but it is all at home here in Lacey. People won’t have to travel far.”

  Lacey Recreation Department Director Jim Wioland said “one thing I know history has always shown us that whenever we have a downturn in the economy or a repression and people are out of work they turn to their municipality, they turn to their parks and rec agencies because they know we can provide them services at very little cost or no cost and that is something we pride ourselves with.

  “We have always served the public and now more than ever they need us and they need this. They need to have an outlet to get out of the house and socialize with friends again. I’m sure some people won’t be all that comfortable in the beginning but we’ll slowly bring them along and where their comfort level is we will provide services for,” Wioland added.

  As to whether the committee could start promoting itself at the annual Lacey Christmas Parade along Lacey Road is unknown. The parade that is coordinated by the Lacey Elks Lodge is still determining if the parade can be held in December during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

  “Right now I think they are planning to have it. I think what they said was they were going to wait and make a decision but they were hoping to still do it.”

  Clayton said, “I am never against making a float.”

   “We have lots of things that we could do,” Wioland added. “We have trucks that could pull trailers and we could even use the bus as our float. The Recreation Department mascot of a 6-foot frog could also make an appearance.

  For information about the logo contest and to print out a form or to become a member of the committee visit You can also join the Lacey’s 150th Anniversary Facebook page.