Delivery Driver Gets Lost In Woods

Micromedia File Photo

  WARETOWN – A food delivery driver was recently rescued from the woods after he went missing while making a delivery in Waretown, according to police.

  On Jan. 7, Ocean Township Police received reports of a missing/lost person in the area of Route 532 and Morey Place Rd.

  Police were informed that a food delivery employee from a local establishment was making a delivery to a residence set back from Wells Mills Road when he went missing. Delivering to a residence located down a dirt trail, he parked his vehicle on Wells Mills Road and attempted to make the delivery on foot but became lost.

  Police, fire, and first aid personnel responded to the area to conduct a search of the miles of trails in the heavily wooded section of town. They were able to locate the man approximately 5 hours after he initially went missing, several miles from his vehicle.

  The man was immediately transported to a local medical facility for evaluation and treatment due to exposure to cold and wet weather.