SUEZ Ready To Deal With Snow

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

TOMS RIVER – The SUEZ water company has stated it is ready for the current winter storm which is expected to continue on until Tuesday.

  Company representatives have said that the firm is ready for the snow and heavy winds which arrived in the state on Sunday. SUEZ is reminding customers to check their own personal emergency preparedness plans.

  SUEZ Director of Operations Jim Mastrokalos said, “our teams are mobilized and doing the necessary work to keep communities safe and protected during this storm. Customers should feel confident that specific actions are continually being taken to ensure the company and crews are prepared to respond accordingly.”

  Mastrokalos added that SUEZ officials would be working closely with local emergency response teams to coordinate preparation and response activities. The firm has assessed its backup generators, has extra drinking water treatment supplies on hand and is taking steps to protect the integrity of its facilities and water supplies.

  “SUEZ has made certain we’re prepared to provide uninterrupted service and respond quickly as possible to any emergency situations during this winter event. Our team is making certain we have everything in place to continue to provide water service to all of our customers,” Mastrokalos added.

  Customers should examine their personal emergency preparedness plans and make sure they have ample emergency supplies, such as flashlights, batteries and food. SUEZ encourages customers to store extra tap water in food-grade storage containers.

  Containers should be cleaned with soap and water, then rinsed with clean water and sealed with original caps prior to being filled with drinking water.

  The company also advised customers to put a “drinking water” label on the containers and include a storage date and not to store containers in direct sunlight or in areas near toxic substances such as gasoline or chemicals. 

  SUEZ is also asking residents to help ensure that fire hydrants near their property are kept clear of snow. Clearing a three-foot space around the hydrant can help safeguard the safety of their neighborhood.

  Mastrokalos said, “when water is needed to battle a fire, it is imperative that firefighters connect to fire hydrants immediately. Clearing snow away from hydrants will enable the fire department to have quick access to water in the event of an emergency.”  

  “If firefighters cannot see a hydrant that is blocked by snow or debris, precious minutes are lost when they are trying to save lives and property,” he added.

  Additional emergency preparedness tips are available at Updated information can be found contacting the SUEZ customer service line at 877-565-1456. They can also visit or SUEZ social media channels.