Restaurants Sought For TV Show

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  JERSEY SHORE – A casting announcement has gone out to all “frustrated restaurant owners” who want their chef to have a three-day boot camp to get back on their A game.

  Although the production company didn’t want its name in the announcement, has researched the production company and found that they have been involved in many well-made shows.

  The casting announcement is as follows:


  Has your chef fallen off their game? Do you need someone to whip them back into shape?

  An award-winning production company and major cable network are partnering with a world-renowned chef and culinary director of a global hospitality group for an upcoming television pilot. In this exciting new project, we’ve designed a three-day chef boot camp in NYC to take underperforming chefs from F to A game. Combining state-of-the-art training and a little tough love, this boot camp will revitalize your chef’s culinary prowess in order to win back your approval. 

  If you want to see your chefs return to their rockstar selves, see below for details and apply today! 

  The Details:

  • Filming will require a 4-night stay for chefs and 2-night stay for restaurant owners in NYC.
  • Hotel and ground transportation will be provided for selected chefs and owners as needed.
  • Chefs will receive compensation for their participation.
  • Participants must be available the week of 10/28/19.