Lakewood Elementary Schools To Have Metal Detectors

Photo courtesy The Lakewood Scoop

LAKEWOOD – There will be metal detectors in all Lakewood elementary schools, a news report just announced.

Lakewood Scoop reported on a meeting that happened this morning, reportedly at Lakewood High School, including superintendent Laura Winters, board of education attorney Michael Inzelbuch and other key district decision-makers. It’s unclear when they will be installed. The middle and high schools already have metal detectors.

A 9-year-old Oak Street School student brought a loaded gun to school. It was later reported that “students” had brought loaded guns with them every day for “protection,” Lakewood Scoop reported yesterday.

Video released showed the one student showing off his gun. Another student reported seeing the gun, and school security apprehended that student and secured the gun, which was indeed loaded.

Police reportedly arrested those two young students. No other details have been released at this time.

Jersey Shore Online has contacted Lakewood Police PIO Lt. Greg Staffordsmith for an update.