Jersey Shore Cast WAS Filming A Burger King “Commercial”

The Jersey Shore Cast was inside Barnegat's Burger King filming a commercial. (Photo courtesy of Press Communications, B98.5 Radio)

BARNEGAT – Earlier this week, Jersey Shore Online was the first to report that the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore was spotted outside the Barnegat Burger King thanks to chatter on social media. Our call to the shop turned back with a “nothing to see here” kind of answer. Well, we can now confirm that Snooki and company DID shoot a “commercial” for the new Chicken Parmesan sandwich at the West Bay Avenue restaurant.

The word commercial is in quotes because what was released on various media sites within the last 24 hours is a lot longer than any network or local television commercial. It was more like a teaser for a reunion with the BK sandwiches being served during the “family” dinner they had. With a running time of 5 minutes and 49 seconds, the only network that would air such a spot would be MTV, who has been notorious for long commercial breaks dating back to the 90s.

It is possible that they also put together a shorter version for network television. Notably absent from the segment was Ronnie, one of the original cast members.

Regardless of what you think, the cast is back – and they appear to be working on a reunion show of sorts. There had also been sightings of the cast in areas around Southern Ocean including the Manahawkin Applebees and near the bridge to Long Beach Island.


Once again – same question posed – do you think they helped or hurt the Jersey Shore’s reputation? Did it help tourism to have them here? Are you happy they’re back?

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