Hearing Explosions? Refer To Joint Base Calendar

Photo courtesy JBMDL

  LAKEHURST – Area residents are hearing artillery training noise from as far as Ortley Beach and Joint Base officials have provided a heads up on what days will be the loudest with their online calendar of noise events.

  Their noise calendar listed the critical noise days that will be heard during the month and classified how those sounds will be produced. Slight noise includes ground small arms and light crew weapons training which may include small arms fire and rifles.

  Moderate noise will be produced with rotary wing aerial gunnery exercises that may include .50 caliber weapons, rockets fire and rotary cannons.

  Abundant noise, described as heavy crew weapons training and cratering munitions. This may include mortar live fire, Howitzer fire and cratering charges.


  The noise may not be constant. Clouds can alter the range of sound and noise levels are subject to change without notice due to training requirements and weather.

  Abundant noise days are scheduled for November 19 through November 23. The majority of noise days will be moderate and will occur from November 8 to November 18.

  Moderate noise will also resume on November 24 through November 30 while slight noise will occur on November 3, November 6 and November 7.

  For questions or concerns, call the Joint Base at 609-754-4254.